Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bond Update

Hello Sparta,

I am going to keep this blog up with information concerning the bond projects.  As mentioned in my forums and previous blog, the bond initiatives will be completed in two phases.  The first phase will include safety and security at both Ridgeview and Appleview, along with looking at traffic flow and how that might be improved.  It will also include renovations at both of the buildings.  The first phase will include some technology upgrades to our infrastructure as well as some classroom devices.  The athletic stadium and fields will also be a part of the first phase as the relocation of our current fields will be necessary before we can begin construction on the new middle school, which is in the second phase.  Currently we have three committees that have met a couple of times.  We have established a committee for Ridgeview, one for Appleview and one for Athletics.  As we get a little further down the road with some specific thoughts and ideas, we will host a forum to share with the community and listen to any suggestions.  Below is a brief summary of what each committee has done thus far:

Our first meeting was on June 8 and we discussed:
Location of the main office for secure entry
Location of parent drop off
Separation of parent and bus drop off areas
Playground improvements
Our second meeting was on June 14 and we were able to reach consensus on where the office needed to be located which also dictated where the parent drop off area would need to be.  We discussed where students would line up and the best way for them to enter the building.  We discussed where the library would go since it would need to be moved to accommodate where the new offices would be.
Our third meeting was on July 11 and we were able to look at what the office space might look like with the various spaces needed to run efficiently.  We also looked at a couple of options for bringing guests into the building.  We discussed the relocation of the media center and whether the space we have would meet our needs.  Our next meeting is scheduled for July 25.

Our first meeting was also on June 8 and we discussed:
Location of the main office for secure entry
Location of bus drop off
Media Center improvements
Cafeteria improvements
Kitchen improvements
Playground improvements
Our second meeting was on June 20th and we solidified areas that would be needed in the office.  We discussed creating a training area for staff in the media center lab and then revamping some of the spaces around the media center for student use.  We discussed placing the circulation desk at the center of the room.  We looked at the cafeteria and kitchen and met with the Food Service Director to determine needs for these areas.  We will be scheduling our next meeting in July to see additional renderings of our thoughts and ideas from the last meeting.

Our first meeting was held on June 14 and we used this time to talk about needs and to set up some places to visit.  We discussed
Stadium needs
Baseball field needs
Multi-purpose field needs
Traffic flow improvements
Set June 21 as our tour day

 On June 21 we visited:
Kenowa Hills
Grand Rapids Christian

We determined we wanted to visit Greenville, Belding and possibly one or two more sites.  We are hoping to schedule these in July.  We created a google doc to share thoughts on what they saw, ideas they may have and their likes and dislikes.

Coming soon, I hope to have some timelines in place for phase one and potential timelines for phase two.  Right now our plan is to have as much of the design work done by September so that we can get renderings done and tweak them as needed.  By November we hope to be at the point where we are preparing our RFP documents, which are the documents you send out to perspective contractors to bid on the various projects.  Our hope is to make selections in January.  The actual construction would begin in the spring of 2017.  How early that happens will depend on the kind of winter we have.  I will continue to update this as I have more information…..stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Thank YOU!

Thank you for saying "YES" to Sparta Area Schools, the community of Sparta, and the future!